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Amber at the filming for One Mic Stand in Springfeild, IL

Not So Newlwed Game LIVE at Walker's Bluff Winery!

Packed house for the game show!

The men during the Not So Newlywed Game LIVE!

Part of the lovely sold out crowd at Tuscan Hills Winery.

Failed attempt at a selfie with the audience at the SOLD OUT Effingham Performance Center Show!

Amber Klear, Sammy Obeid, Marquise Moore, Ben Flug after two hilarious shows at Brennan's in St. Louis.

Some of the beautiful audience members and Amber Klear.







JC Sibala on stage at another SOLD OUT show!

One of the best looking audiences I've ever seen.

Our second show at the winery, Dean's show at Tuscan Hills!


Comedians Andrew Hagan, Dean Schardan, Amber Klear, Andrew Frank and show sponsor Jerry Kinkelaar of Kinx Construction.

AGR president Jesse Poor, comedians Patrick Trowbridge, Amber Klear, Josh Arnold, AGR rep Ross Smith, comedian Bobby Jaycox

Comedians Bobby Jaycox, Ben Flug, Bruce Veach, Amber Klear and the show sponsor, Jerry Kinkelaar of Kinx Construction. 

Josh Arnold on stage at Southern Illinois University.

Amber Klear with Brandon Judd.

1001 Nights of Comedy with Sammy Obeid ft. Amber Klear and Marquise Moore.  And some audience members.

SIU AGR members and comedians.

Ladies of the audience posing with some of the comedians.

Not So Newlywed Game LIVE at Walker's Bluff Winery

Not So Newlywed Game LIVE at Tuscan Hills Winery

The couples from Tuscan Hills Winery's Not So Newlywed Game LIVE

Sitting down to talk during the game at Tuscan Hills Winery in Effingham, IL.

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