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Co-Host of Let's Talk on STL TV
Former host of Dock of Love on the Mighty Mississippi

As featured on:
Fox's One Mic Stand Comedy Show
Cycle Tribe Chronicles
STL Fringe Festival

Mancow's Morning Madhouse
Flabby at the Abbey Ch. 19
1380 The X Extreme Talk Radio
Stand Up Throwdown Elite 8 
CBS Radio - CBS Sports 105.7
Thunder Roads Magazine
1,001 Nights of Comedy Tour w/ Sammy Obeid
RFT Tweet 16 Comedian 2012 2013 2014
Finalist - No Name Comix  Competition 2012
Troy Comedy Competition Winner 2011

Amber Klear

Pretty enough to catch your attention, funny enough to keep it. You REALLY never know what is going to happen when she's on stage. 


After realizing that her expressway to adulthood job was killing her (literally) she hopped on her motorcycle and rode across the US, well, after recovering from a blood clot on her brain. That's right, she traded her hospital gown for handlebars and leather. After settling back down in the Midwest, she started working with some real animals, in a real zoo. She's can't wait to tell you all about it, from gangs of bikers to swimming with sharks. Her exuberant comedy act has been featured in Thunder Roads Magazine and performing for the Fringe Festival. Imagine the energy of a tornado of  sugared up kindergartners with the optimism of a dog, attention span of a chicken nugget, humor of a fifth grade boy, and the intelligence of a SIU graduate and you've got Amber! ​She was lucky enough to open (twice!) for Sammy Obeid on his record breaking 1,001 Nights of Comedy Tour, but most importantly she lived through performing at the world famous 75th Annual Sturgis Motocycle Rally.



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Everybody's Best Friend. The Comedian, the ordained minister, THE PROFESSIONAL PARTY STARTER.

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